Sunday, November 15, 2009

painted rifle

This is Alan and I just painted up my rifle and it looks GOOD!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Training for the Real World

Okay last night we set out to train for what if. The what if of last night was, "What if some one was in the house?" Alan went through and instructed Stacy on the different room clearing skills and also we drilled on sight picture and sight alignment to commit it to muscle memory. All the drills went well and we both were able to practice our fundimentals and become even more confident in our abilities to find a target and to eliminate the threat. It was good to be able to train together and to learn even more about each other and have a little fun all at the same time.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day on the lake

Okay so yesterday we were able to spend a good day with some of Alan's Dad's friends. We started out the day by having breakfast and sharing stories in the park. The highlight of the day came next when we made our way to Lucky Peak Lake for a day on the water. We enjoyed being able to water ski, wakeboard, and tube. Alan tried wakeboarding and was able to get up and ride it after his first couple of trys. He was able to ride for a little while and had fun doing so until his arms were tired. Stacy also decide to try to wakeboard. She was so close to riding it. She got up but just as she was up and starting to turn to ride, she would lean too far forward and fall back in. She did good for here first attempt. Stacy also rode on the tube for a while until she was bucked off after getting 10 feet of air and holding on for more. When we get the pictures for all this we will be sure to post them.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Everyone needs to do the poll!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let the Training Begin!!!!

Okay so it has begun. We are doing P90X full time and for real now. In addition to that we are also starting to do a little MMA training on our our. We now have gloves for each of us and a free standing punching bag. It is a great way for us to become stronger and more well rounded in our workouts. We will have pictures of all this soon if we can find where our camera went to. We also take a little bit of time every day to do some ground grappling and work on our different submission skills. We are hoping that we will be able to become fit and strong and confident in our MMA skill so that we can find a local gym in the not to distant future and start to really improve and become good and talented fighters. Neither of us want to do it for more than a hobby or workout and self-defence but it is still fun and good to learn and become good at it. So if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for us just put it in a comment and we will look at it and see what we can do with it. Also on a side note we are going to be looking into getting our CCW licenses soon and will be doing so more training with that as well. So if you have anything to suggest with that let us know in a comment.

We need people to come and visit us here in Boise because it really is a really great place and more people need to experience it and see what we are talking about. We would be happy to take a day and show you around or go play on the water in the mountains or just relax. So if anyone want to come visit or is planning to come visit let us know before hand and we can try to plan something and get together.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Well Then....

Okay so we will start off by saying that we will post more. The last couple of weeks have been real eventful. We were given the chance to spend other peoples money. How nice is that?! We started off the day by going to a media store and were given 50 dollars each to spend how we wanted. We spent 75 on five videos and a game and put the other 25 on a gift card. Can't complain about that one bit. A few hours later we went downtown to a local skate shop and once again given 50 buck each. We had a custom skate board built for us that only cost us 70 cents of our own money. Again, can't complain about that. That night we all met up at Veterans park and we were treated to a BBQ that was catered by Goodwood BBQ. Free toys and free pulled pork! Now no one could complain. It was a very nice day and all together Stacy's company put just over 110,000 dollars into the local economy. So that was pretty nice too.

As I said we built a custom skate board. Well now we are teaching ourselves how to do a little bit of boarding. Stacy has fallen twice but nothing to bad that she wanted to stop. Alan has been lucky to not have fallen yet. So I would say that we are doing rather well all in all. We can ride around rather well and can stop and turn without difficulty. Some of the time we get a little shaky if there is a bunch of stuff on the ground or over larger cracks in the sidewalk but not doing to bad. We are starting to learn how to do and ollie but we are starting in the grass til we are able to get it down to where we can just do it and then we will move onto the cement.

We are planning on going and floating the Boise River in a week or two down the road. We are planning on getting some good big tubes and just going to go have some fun on the river one day so we can enjoy the cool water and the great outdoors and the nice warm sunshine all in one. We will try to have pictures so that everyone can see the beautiful river and area so that everyone wants to come and visit and play on the river with us. We are also planning on going shooting again in the near future. Alan needs to sight in his new rifle scope and try out all the upgrades that he has made to his rifle.

Stacy has applied to Boise State and is waiting to get her transcript from SUU so she can get accepted and see what kind of classes she needs and wants to take. She is going to decide what degree and what field of study she is going to go into soon as well. She is hoping that she will start in the spring of 2010. It would be a very short and easy commute to school because we live only five minutes form campous.

Well that is about all that we can think of to write and update on for now. We will have more pictures and videos coming up in the future about our different adventures and interests.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Long Time No See

Okay so its been a really long while since we have posted anything. Sorry. We will be able to update a little more frequently but not regularly yet. Still working on getting the internet going in our house so we have to steal it. Will have more soon.